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Sales software

Delta 6 POS, is a single payment sales software, which can integrate third party electronic invoices and which will transform any computer into a complete Sales System.

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Veterinary software

Micromascot is a desktop veterinary software, which will facilitate the management of a veterinary clinic, becoming an essential veterinary assistant.

rent a car software picture

Rent a Car Software

The RentitAll car rental software will allow you to keep track of all the movements of a fleet of vehicles. You can also add third-party electronic invoices.

workshop software picture

Workshop Software

Meccano is simple workshop software. Specially developed to manage the mechanical workshop, although you can also use it for another type of workshop.

Software developer

At Microtexne, since 2007 we have been dedicated to Custom software development service. Delivering solutions to requests for different areas of activity, such as: education, sales and distribution, hobbies and research.

"You think it and we do it"...

Our custom software development service begins as soon as you present us your idea. From that minute on, we analyze it and get down to work. We use inexpensive alternative methodologies and technologies with a high level of standardization, which allows us to deliver results in less time, with excellent quality and at a lower cost.

"Communication is important"...

We try to get in your shoes. When you hire software developer service. We speak clearly, without much technicality. We put at your disposal a platform from which you can know the custom software development progress status, download the tests and of course know the account status.

"Training and support"...

The software developer service is complemented by an efficient training service. We generally do our best to make the tailored program focus on the end user. We try to design simple and friendly interfaces, thereby shortening the learning curve.

"Fair prices"...

We know. The prices associated with custom software development service are not exactly cheap. And for this reason, we offer two modes of delivery: A) delivery with source code, B) delivery by licensing (without source code), the latter being much cheaper.

Web design

We design and develop your website or professional website in such a way that the image of your business is available to all.

We focus on getting the best sites design or web design to promote your services and products regardless of your activity. Professional web pages in a short time and at the best price on the market.

Our Sites design service for individuals, small and medium enterprises includes the necessary advice when hiring a hosting and a domain.

If you need to hire custom software development for Catalog web page design, custom web pages, business website design, Blogs and educational sites, do not hesitate to write to us.

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It is called "custom software", because the resulting software adapts to the management processes that the company already has implemented.

In the custom software development process, the first stage is always the analysis, during which the company's processes are studied and how the new custom program will intervene in these processes is determined.

During the analysis stage, it also provides the opportunity to rethink the processes and improve them.

It is custom software that adapts to the company.

Even though the cost of acquiring custom software programs is higher, once the software is fully operational, the cost of maintaining operations in the company is significantly reduced and for a long period, which translates into in savings and benefits.

Most custom software programs have the ability to efficiently solve and simplify point problems. The systematization of processes helps to reduce spending in companies.

In the end, software solutions are seen as effective methods by which companies can minimize expenses and increase profits.

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