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Microtexne Delta 6

Easy POS solutions for everyone

POS without subscriptions!

TPV multipais

We offer a 100% desktop Point of sale software, adapted to multiple tax systems that supports up to 3 base taxes, multiple additional taxes, currencies and also withholdings.

Use our pos system software paying very little, once.

Benefits of using the delta 6 POS software

chainless sales system does not require contracts Without contracts or subscriptions. Use the Delta 6 sales system for a single payment.
you do not need internet to use the Delta 6 POS With Delta 6 POS, you won't need an internet connection to sell.
Point of sale allows you to add many items Unlimited Point of Sale ... add as many items and sales as you need.
The data from the POS database remains with you and not in the cloud The stored data will remain on your computer, and not "hijacked" in the cloud.
The Sales System includes free updates The Delta6 Sales System includes the latest updates for free.
Point of sale works in windows versions Use Delta 6 Point of Sale on any Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 computer.
The POS includes free assistance for implementation The license to use Delta 6 POS includes 30 days of free remote assistance.
Use the Point of Sale on a regular computer To use Delta 6 Point of Sale, all you need is a common PC.
Delta 6 Single Payment Sales System without subscriptions Sales system, free from monthly contracts. Pay only once and use it always.

Delta 6, the versatile Point of Sale

The sales system useful in many activities and countries

The sales system is for tire businesses Delta 6 is a sales software for the sale of bread tpv for bicycle spare parts Point of sale is used in a hardware store selling clothes with a sales system Selling spare parts with sales software POS to manage the sale of wines

The sales system Microtexne Delta 6 will be useful in: hardware stores, barracks, bakeries, patisseries, sale of spare parts, restaurants, clothing stores, boutiques, pharmacies and drugstores, shoe stores, pharmacy stores, technology, minimarkets, warehouses, repair shops, hardware and DIY, kiosks, ice cream parlors, confectioneries, restaurants and much more.

In addition, Delta 6 POS supports multiple taxes, which allows the Delta 6 POS to be adapted to various tax systems in various countries.

100% desktop sales software

Delta 6 POS cuts chains and gives freedom

Delta 6 is sales software 100% desktop and therefore more robust, secure, faster and more stable. The database will remain centralized on your PC.

With Delta 6 POS, selling will not depend on internet availability or speed. Nor will it depend on the availability of a web server, or on having to pay a subscription on time to maintain the service without suspension.

There are no limits on sales or products. Nor will you have to share the resources of the same web server with hundreds of other users and companies.

From a common computer to a complete sales system

All you need to start selling with the sales software Delta 6, is a common computer with windows 11, 10, 8 or 7. Delta 6 POS will make it a powerful Point of sale.
A Cash Drawer for POS Barcode reader for sales software Scale to connect to sales software Printer to connect to a Sales System
The Delta 6 Sales System is able to read the product bar labels (EAN13 and BARCODE) as well as those printed by Scales (EAN13). To achieve this, you need any standard Windows-compatible barcode reader.

You can also connect cash drawers directly using the old serial port COM1, or connect them to a thermal printer.

Integrate electronic invoice to the POS?

POS integrated with optional electronic invoice

Optionally, you will be able to integrate the Delta 6 sales software POS with electronic payment invoice applications, or link to the free application of the tax service in some countries.

The Delta 6 Sales system includes the necessary tools to facilitate integration with third-party electronic invoice systems, or the link to a free app. In this way, you will preserve the freedom to choose and change your provider without fear of losing your valuable information in the change.

The Sales system Delta 6 is independent, the database, history, movements, articles and all relevant information will remain in your possession and not on third-party servers.

Additional modules for Delta 6 POS

Plug-ins add more features to the base program and are available separately.

We have several additional modules for various activities: Additional POS for when you need to sell on more than one computer at the same time, mt Tables for when you need to manage the tables in a restaurant, mt Lists to incorporate a terminal so that the public can make inquiries directly through a console, AR for when you want to administer Delta remotely. And of course we also have small modules to allow consultations between branches.

Download and Evaluate Delta 6 POS for free

You are going to download the compressed
auto-installer (ZIP) ~ 12.3 MBytes

Requirements for the sales system

Download Additional Modules

The additional modules will only work if the Delta 6 POS sales system is previously installed.

If you've already downloaded and installed Delta 6, you'll be able to continue. Otherwise, first download Delta by clicking on the button Download Delta 6

Additional POS

Additional Sales Module for Delta

Mt Listas

Query Module for Delta

Mt Mesas

Restaurant Supplement


Workshop management for Delta


Remote management

More information

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Delta is an inventory and sales control software that has all the necessary functions to turn any computer into a complete system for managing a sales location.

A sales system is a program that gives companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to optimize and accelerate the entire sales process. Helping salespeople and sales staff have access to tools and features that make their sales task easier.

As you should already know, optimizing these processes is the key to your individual and team performance, as well as the key to strengthening your business.

Why will sales software increase the performance of your business?

Are salespeople really working? It's scary to think that 65% of salespeople spend most of their time on paperwork instead of closing more deals. So that they don't have to spend so much time on those functions, the solution is sales software.

The best sales tools will allow you to customize the different stages of a sale, and to adapt them to your business, facilitating integration into your team. Business managers can then make sure the team follows protocol (and even motivates customers through the sales cycle) in a fraction of the time.

The duration of the sales process in a company is never the same. The number of interactions between the seller and the customer varies greatly. Without sales software, where do all those interactions go? To an email inbox, a seller's mind, or an error-ridden spreadsheet.

A sales system allows a company's sales team to track every interaction, and also the products, all more intuitively. They also do it in a transparent and automatic way.

To get you started with the solution that suits you best, we present you our sales system POS, one of the best sales software.

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