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Veterinary Software

Micromascot ... One-time payment

Vet software without limits

Free subscription! One-time payment!

Available in two versions: Basic and MM3 adaptable, modular and 100% desktop. Suitable for small and large veterinary clinics.

Micromascot veterinary software for every taste

Micromascot Basic or MM3 ... well detailed stories

We present you two versions of Micromascot: Micromascot Basic and Micromascot MM3.

The vet software Micromascot Basic will allow you to keep the patient file, the account statement of your fees, and also sell with a simple sales cart. Everything in a simple and basic way.

On the other hand, the veterinary system Micromascot MM3, is a complete modular Veterinary solution. It has three modules: Administration, Cases and Reception. The three modules can be installed on the same computer or on different computers connected in a network (LAN).

You will be able to keep the record of customers, appointments, patients and cases in much more detail. It allows you to add activities, recipes, treatments, instructions, photos, exams and much more. In addition, it sends by email reminders of appointments, controls, stories, lists, account statements, etc.

Any of the versions of this Veterinary Software will quickly become an indispensable assistant for the veterinary professional.

Benefits of using Micromascot veterinary software

Veterinary software without contracts Without contracts or subscriptions. Get the Veterinary System paying just once.
Veterinary System without the need for Internet Micromascot vet software, does not require internet connection.
Veterinary Management without limit of articles Easy vet software without limitations. Add all the information you need.
Veterinary Software data remains with you The database remains on your computer and is not hijacked in the cloud.
Veterinary System with free updates Our veterinary software, includes free updates for the same version.
Veterinary Management for windows 10 Use Micromascot for veterinarians on any PC with windows 11, 10, 8 or 7.
Veterinary software includes free assistance The Micromascot Veterinary System includes 30 days of free assistance.
Use the Micromascot Veterinary System on a common PC To start with Micromascot you only need a common computer.
Micromascot Veterinary Management of one payment Micromascot is the vet software without contracts. Pay one time only.

100% Desktop vet software

Free suscriptions software

Micromascot, is a 100% desktop veterinary system, and therefore it is more robust, safe, fast and stable. The database will remain secure on your Computer at all times.

With this easy vet software, managing the clinic will not depend on an internet connection or its speed, nor will it depend on the availability of the web server, or the timely payment of expensive subscriptions.

Unlike a web-based app, with Micromascot you can add as many stories as you need, without limits. And of course, you will forget to share the resources of the same server with hundreds of other competing clinics.

Download and evaluate Micromascot veterinary software for free

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auto-installer (ZIP) ~ 3.2 MBytes

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auto-installer (ZIP) ~ 8.55 MBytes

Requirements for the veterinary software

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Micromascot is a simple-to-use software for veterinary clinics, it has all the necessary functions to turn any computer into a complete system for managing administrative processes in a veterinary practice.

A veterinary software helps veterinary professionals, whether in a veterinary clinic or in a veterinary hospital, to carry out the orderly management of both the administrative functions of the profession and the care of patients and clients..

The main function of this type of veterinary software is the electronic medical record of the patient, in this case, animals. However, a vet software, should not leave aside other management of the health center administration: For example, sales, customer administration, management of hours, collections, between functions.

For this type of easy vet software, it is best to opt for installable (or desktop) versions. This is due to the fact that the cloud hosting modality has a notable disadvantage. The main disadvantage is that the medical records are not located on the computer, but in the cloud at the disposal of hackers, "accessible" in exchange for periodic payments, dependent on internet connectivity, and shared with thousands of other users. In the event of any problem, this information could be lost forever. That is why the best thing for this type of program is to keep the database on the computer itself. So the owner can make backup copies whenever he wants.

The prices for most of these programs are excessive. Often having to pay monthly payments or annuities to be able to occupy them. For this reason, it is preferable to acquire licenses for indefinite use, paying only when you want to hire support.

The vast majority of veterinary software have a free trial to evaluate all the features before deciding to pay.

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