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User-centric, high-quality, scalable software with results in a short time, good support and training.


Custom software development with Microtexne

I help you automate your business processes through custom-developed software.

So that you can optimize many of the activities carried out, achieving better results, providing yourself with a better service, improving the comfort and efficiency of your employees, and saving a lot of money.

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Software developer

I offer specific software development and other related services

✔️ Desktop software with or without web features.
✔️ Consultancy and requirements analysis.
✔️ Customers and employees Web platforms.
✔️ Data analysis and business intelligence.
✔️ Specialized software for independent professionals.
✔️ Plugins for websites like form processors, calculators, etc.
✔️ System integration.


data analysis

Analysis and outlining

The first step is to work on the analysis, the study of current use cases, studying the customer specific needs, their objectives and the technical specifications necessary to successfully complete the development project.

Next, I work on drafting the user experience, designing the database, testing different new or changed use cases, and the natural flows that custom software will deliver.


Developing the software

Next, I begin to codify the specific ideas. To achieve that, I rely on the results of the previous step.

I use the technology that best suits the context of the technical needs required by the previously planned project.

At the same time, I am continuously monitoring the code quality and the software functionality through repetitive testing routines.


Deployment and support

I guide our customers all the way, from the early development stages to final implementation.

From then on, Ihave support plans for all user levels. Training, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades.

My custom software is easily scalable, so you can always start with a basic solution and add new features as needed.



Custom software development in practice

Developing custom software is the process by which an engineers and/or technicians team designs, plans and develops personalized computer software that allows meeting the specific needs of an activity in various fields and for various customers.

There are many advantages of hiring the software development service.

How can you benefit from custom software specially designed for you?


✔️ Reduction of operating and labor costs.

Don't spend money buying user licenses for different activities anymore. Also reduce operating costs by implementing customized software adapted to work processes.

✔️ Production processes optimization.

Improve management and routine processes, achieving results faster, achieving less stressed and happier employees.

✔️ More satisfied and loyal customers.

Get competitive advantages by improving the relationship with your customers. More satisfaction is more loyalty.



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