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Increase your business efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction with Delta

Delta 6 Retail Software
Delta Sales Software

Optimize sales management and inventory management

Forget about complicated tables in excel. Through an intuitive and simple user interface you will have access to information on sales, inventories, vendors, customers, suppliers and more.

Without relying on services provided by third parties, Delta POS Software will centralize data even if it works on a network.

Useful sales software in various activities

spare parts Bakery Bike Shoe shop Electronics DIY Furniture Clothing

Use it to manage sales and inventory in auto parts stores, bakeries, bike shops, shoe stores, supermarkets, electronics stores, DIY stores, furniture stores, boutiques, warehouses, restaurants, perfume shops, drugstores or pharmacies and many others. It is even useful for selling intangibles.


Don't miss the chance to sell

✔️ Leave the sales on pause while you continue with others, know in real time the stock state, your customers account, sell on several Computers simultaneously.

✔️ Offer your customers various alternatives by searching for items by family, by barcode, by description or even from a photo frame.

✔️ You can even sell items made up of other items. In this way, every time you sell one, the stock of all its associated components will be lowered.

✔️ Access the sales history from any terminal. Thus, modifying or canceling a sale will be simple and controlled.

no contract required

Retail POS software without contracts

Delta will help you better manage sales and billing, while also helping you save.

To use Delta 6 it is not necessary to pay a certain amount of money on a regular basis. In this way, you will be free to use it as long as you want without having to pay for renewals or become a true “digital slave”.

internet is not required

Internet is not required

Take sales and inventory management to the next level without becoming dependent on the internet.

To use this POS and billing software, no Internet connection is required, no connection to a web server is required, no annoying monthly payments are required, and no dependency on other external factors is required. Just install and use it on any Windows computer.

software user

Friendly and minimalist

We design Delta 6 retail software, focusing on the user. It's intuitive, easy to use and deceptively simple.

However, behind this simplicity lies a powerful ally with which to manage sales and inventory.

Getting started with this POS software will not take long as the learning curve is very short.


Increase your sales possibilities with add-on modules and plugins

I have several plugins ready for you to download and install, providing Delta's POS software with powerful new features.

If the plugin or module doesn't exist, I can create one for you.

In the download section below, you'll find some of these plugins and modules, ready for you to download and evaluate.

Additional modules for Delta 6 sales software

🖥️ Additional POS: Allows you to sell simultaneously on other computers in a local area network. It can also operate as a point of order, issuing electronic or printed receipts to pay at the cashier.

🍷 Mesas: It is used to manage orders and accounts for up to 56 tables in a restaurant. It can be installed on any computer connected to the network.

🔍 Listas: Self-service module that allows customers to consult price and stock information through a computer connected to the network.

☁️ AR: El administrador podrá realizar algunas tareas administrativas desde cualquier ubicación remota con acceso a internet. Actualizar existencias, cambiar precios, etc.

​​🔧 Meccano: It's a software that will allow you to take the history of repairs to vehicles, electronic devices, etc. Can be used with or without Delta.

free software

Use point of sale software without relying on third parties

Delta maintains the database on your computer. In this way, you will be able to use this point of sales software without depending on an Internet connection or the availability of the web server.

In addition, it includes its own maintenance tools so that you can compact the database and make or restore backups without the intervention of third parties. It is even very easy to install and configure.

Use Delta POS in a local area network


Delta 6 works perfectly on your company's LAN, sharing the same database on all computers. Sales movements, item data and its existence, customer information, account status and other data will be shared based on the terminal characteristics that requires it.

Delta is point of sale software that is very easy to configure to work on a LAN, even if used on a simple Windows peer-to-peer network.



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