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Improve Your Practice Management

The Practice Management Software of Choice for Veterinary Professionals.

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Veterinary Software Micromascot

Optimize the management in your veterinary practice

Forget designing those complicated tables in excel and word, each one for different tasks.

Through an intuitive and simple user interface you will have intergal access to patient, client and inventory information.

A practical software for veterinarians

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With Micromascot you will not only be able to carry out those activities typical of a veterinarian: patient history, vaccination calendar, activity programming, etc., but you will also be able to sell the products of your store and control its stock.


Don't miss the opportunity to have simple and affordable veterinary software

✔️ Management of patient records and associated cases.

✔️ Simple home and local care scheduling.

✔️ Simple management of sales, inventories and stocks.

✔️ A single payment, without contracts, without internet and at a very low price.

no contract required

Vet software without contracts

Micromascot will help you improve medical and commercial management, while helping you save.

To use Micromascot you don't have to pay a certain amount of money on a regular basis. In this way, you will be free to use it as long as you want without being forced to pay renewals or become a true "digital slave".

no internet required

No internet required

Take the management of your veterinary practice to the next level without relying on the internet connection.

To use this veterinary software, no Internet connection is required, no web server connection is required, no annoying monthly payments are required, and no dependence on other external factors is required. Just install and use on any Windows PC.

software user

Friendly and minimalist

Idesigned Micromascot, focusing on the user. It's intuitive, easy to use, and packed with the right features.

However, behind this simplicity hides a great ally with which to manage your veterinary clinic.

Getting started with Micromascot won't take you too long, as the learning curve is very short.

free software

Use veterinary software without depending on third parties

Micromascot maintains the database on the computer. In this way, you can use this veterinary software without relying on an Internet connection or server availability.

In addition, it includes its own maintenance tools so that you can compact the database and make or restore backups without the intervention of third parties. It is even very easy to install and configure.

Use Micromascot on a local area network (LAN)


Micromascot works perfectly on your office LAN, sharing the same database on all computers. The information of customers and their account statements, of patients and their medical history, as well as other data, sales movements, items data and their existence will be shared.

It is a veterinary software whose configuration to work in a LAN is very simple to carry out, even if it is used in a simple Windows peer-to-peer network.



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